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Indoor plumbing is sometimes taken for granted until it stops working. Many of us have bathrooms, both public and private, that we expect to continue working when needed. At Total Drain Services,

Kitchen & Bathroom

When kitchen and bathroom drains act up, replacing the valves can be a long, difficult, process. This procedure can be time-consuming and more difficult if the owner doesn't have the right tools,

Sewer Line

Line buckling or breaking can happen due to several reasons. Objects can be lodged in the line, extreme temperatures can cause the line to deteriorate or tree roots can invade the line. To help you properly,

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  • Have you noticed a leaky faucet in your home?
  • Do you have drain issues?
  • Is your water heater not heating your water adequately?
  • Are you planning a complete kitchen or bathroom remodeling job?
  • Did you purchase new appliances recently?

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